Bubbly festival with Taittinger Champagne

Champagne bubbles breaking through the buzz!

Wizzcom 3D contributed to breaking through the buzz and catching attention at “Taste of Stockholm, the great gastronomic festival in the Royal Garden (Stockholm, 2-6 June 2016).

A delicious champagne bottle floating in front of the auto stereoscopic 3D display attracted many happy visitors to the Taittinger Champagne Tent, to enjoy a glass of precious bubbles!

“We have never sold so much Rosé, we are really happy about the result!” – declares Lars Örjerbäck, Sales Manager, Fondberg, retailer to Taittinger.


Visualisation of 3D Display with advertising Taittinger Champagne

The pink bottle visualized in AS3D is a Taittinger Prestige Rosé Champagne.
Source: http://www.taittinger.com/#/en/TheChampagnes/CuveesGallery/PrestigeRose


Smaka på Stockholm

Taste of Stockholm – annual food festival

“Taste of Stockholm” is one of the world’s largest gastronomic festivals, gathering the country’s top chefs, representatives from popular restaurants, popular or new food, drink and wine brands. The food festival is arranged in in the Royal Garden every summer and it attracts more than 350 000 visitors. Taste of Stockholm celebrated its 25 years’ anniversary on 2-6 June 2016, with lots of activities, performances, competitions and delicious product samples.

The festival is called “Smaka på Stockholm” in Swedish.

 Official website: http://www.smakapastockholm.se/english/


Chateau Taittinger


Taittinger storyline reaches back to the First World War, when Pierre Taittinger, a young liaison officer first discovered the Champagne region. He invested in the champagne business in 1932 together with his brother-in-law. Since then, the brand has taken its place among the great champagne Houses. Today Taittinger leads by Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger together with daughter and son.

 Official website: http://www.taittinger.com/


Fondberg cork


 Official website: http://www.fondberg.se/