Concept Offer – 3D-tower with 24” AS3D display

Increase sales performance with 3D!

Wizzcom 3D-tower with 24 inch AS3D-display


The stylish Wizzcom 3D-tower makes it easy to get started with 3D in any place, for example boutiques, kiosks, dentist waiting room. The built-in-display will immediately capture your customer’s attention with a striking and immersive 3D-effect! The display can also show traditional 2D content, which makes it extra useful.


Capture your customer’s attention

AS3D-displays (“glasses-free” 3D) deliver great advantages for branding and advertising products and services in public environments. 3D creates audience attention and ensures higher impact in the advertising clutter. The human brain’s ability to perceive a message increases up to 200% when it’s presented in 3D.

Our analytics reports prove that 3D-displays generate significantly prolonged dwell-time and increased sales revenue.

3D-tower requires no permanent mounting and is easy to move around

The 3D-tower is a common solution to quick setup of digital signage, because it doesn’t require any permanent mounting. It’s easy to place, you only need a small floor space where it can stand and some free space in front of it for the viewer (only between 1-2 meters). The casing is not heavy at all, which makes it easy to move around if needed.

This solution is perfect to present your products and show them from different angles or even look inside of them. Tiny-tiny objects, for example jewelry, can be magnified to show fine details or why not visualize huge objects which otherwise are hard to demonstrate, simply because they may not fit in the store.

What’s included?

The 3D-tower kit includes hardware, softwares and a basic content production. For details, please view the offer as a pdf-file.


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3d-tower-thumb Wizzcom 3D-tower with 24″ display – download this Offer (pdf). 3D-kit with 42 inches display for receptions See our offer for Receptions with 42″ display