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Kallelse till årsstämma i Wizzcom 3D Productions AB den 29 juni 2018

Aktieägarna i Wizzcom 3D Productions AB (publ) kallas härmed till årsstämma den 29 juni 2018, kl. 10:00. Stämman kommer hållas i bolagets lokaler på Alströmergatan 22, Stockholm.

Aktieägare som önskar delta i årsstämman skall vara införd i den av Euroclear Sweden AB förda aktieboken per den 22 juni 2018.
Anmälan om deltagande skall göras per post till Wizzcom 3D Productions AB (publ), Box 22 105, 104 22 Stockholm eller per mail till

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Maritime Day

Maritime Day i Mariehamn med Cainby

"Vi på Cainby är mycket glada för att få Wizzcom 3D som ny partner då vi tror på 3D-produkten och uppskattar att den är lättsåld till rätt kunder och till rätt personer inom vårt nätverk. Vi tycker att den också är helt rätt i tiden och tror att den går att sälja för sig eller som en inbyggd del i interiör eller skyltpyloner i olika former som Cainby kan sälja och producera. Vi tackar för Wizzcoms medverkan på Sjöfartens dag på Åland som ett första steg i samarbetet." - säger Eva Donald, VD Cainby.
feat shop2017

Shoptech med Brand Factory och Charge & Go

Under två dagar i maj, tillsammans med våra nya affärspartners Brand Factory och Charge & Go, deltog vi på Shoptech, Nordens största mässa och mötesplats för de som driver butik eller jobbar inom handeln.

"... Vi på Ineko Brand Factory är stolta över samarbetet med vår nya partner Wizzcom."- säger Olof Björn, Business Development Manager Brand Factory.

"Varför nöja sig med den alldagliga reklamen när ditt företag kan vara synlig utöver det vanliga? ..."- menar Björn Lindström, Charge & Go

Concept Offer - 3D-tower with 24” AS3D display

Increase sales performance with 3D!
The Wizzcom 3D-tower makes it easy to get started with 3D, for example in boutiques, kiosks, dentist waiting room. The built-in-display will immediately capture your customer’s attention with its immersive 3D-effect. It can also show traditional 2D content, which makes it extra useful.

Capture your customer's attention!
AS3D-displays deliver great advantages for branding and advertising products and services in public environments. 3D creates audience attention and ensures higher impact in the advertising clutter. The the human brain's ability to perceive a message increases up to 200% when it's presented in 3D.
Featured image 3D-kit for Reception

Concept Offer - 3D-kit for Reception

Welcome your visitors and employees with 3D!
The "Wizzcom 3D-kit for Reception" is a starter kit, for example for office buildings, hotels and company buildings. The 42'' large, high quality 3D-display delivers a strong pop-out-effect, which can be viewed even from longer distances. In addition, the display is able to show both AS3D and 2D content.

Strengthen the brand identity and corporate brand pride!
With 3D you will increase brand engagement, improve vitality, attractiveness and "modern-ness". 3D stands out in any environment!
Feat image - NEC Showcase Gothenburg 2016

Wizzcom was ECO partner at NEC Nordic Showcase

Wizzcom together with SCALA, Smartsign, SMS, Chrome for Work, Matrox, Bose, Evoko, Chief, Combine, Kramer, Hiperwall, Sennheiser shared two valuable days at the NEC Nordic Showcase in Gothenburg.The event was attended by about 300 visitors – resellers, partners and customers to NEC.

Wizzcom presented 3D displays for digital signage, based on NEC-technology and modified for AS3D. We also showed some of our content productions in AS3D, that we created for well-known brands of the world. Wizzcom also took the opportunity to inform about our newest products based on 4K displays from NEC with the dimensions 65” and 84” - the largest AS3D-displays on the market.
Archelon - AS3D production by Wizzcom 3D for The Deep (UK)

Extinct sea creatures in 3D at The Deep aquarium

If you visit The Deep aquarium in England, you will be able to see and learn about extinct deep sea creatures in 3D. Wizzcom 3D has been given the assignment by Fineskind Consulting (UK), who has seen ‘The Shark’, one of our previous films, produced for The Butterfly House Haga Ocean in Stockholm.

The production contains three short films in auto stereoscopic 3D. Each film present a sea creature: the Archelon, the Pliosaurus and the Dunkleosteus. The films aim to visualize the extent animals in their natural environment and aims to impart knowledge in a pleasant and entertaining way.