Folktandvården - Swedish Public Dental Service

Akademikliniken, Folktandvården and Wizzcom 3D

“Beautiful smile”

During November-December 2015, Wizzcom 3D Production performed a makeover of the video presentation that Akademikliniken uses to welcome and inform their customers. Akademikliniken’s film is produced in 2D, since their first film is based on this technique.

At the same time, our team also developed a “pretty smile” for Folktandvården, which is The Swedish Public Dental Service. Folktandvården whished for an auto stereoscopic presentation, which clearly shows that public services are forward thinking when it comes to modern communication.

Frame from Akademikliniken's presentationsvideo Frame from Folktandvården's presentationsvideo

 See both films in our online Showroom.


About Folktandvården:

The Swedish Public Dental Service (since 1924) provides general dental care, specialist dental care and hospital dental care. There are 21 regional Public Dental Service organisations in Sweden today, one in each County Council area/region.


About Akademikliniken:

Akademikliniken is Scandinavia’s, and one of the world’s largest private hospitals for aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Located in Stockholm, the clinic was founded in 1991 and now has over 100 employees including 8 plastic surgeons, and a dermatologist. The clinic also has a state of the art skin care centre.