Launching 3D Media Player by Wizzcom

Unique 3D Media Player software for Digital Signage

Wizzcom 3D is now launching a unique 3D Media Player software, that is able to stream very large media files, both prerecorded and live, from a hardware media player to 3D-displays and 3D video walls. The 3D Media Player by Wizzcom is developed mainly for digital signage networks (digital signage systems in a network) that integrates 3D and 2D content, but it is also useful in numerous other technical areas and business markets.

Powerful compression

AS3D (auto stereoscopic 3D, even called glasses free 3D) uses up to eight cameras and therefore eight times as large data as 2D. The software 3D Media Player by Wizzcom applies a powerful compression and makes it possible to stream the heavy content using simpler hardware players, like mini computers. That leads to lowered costs, more flexibel hardware composition and setup, easier content handling and freedom for content creation.