Concept Offer – 3D-kit for Reception

Welcome your visitors and employees with 3D!

Wizzcom 3D-kit with 42 inches AS3D display for Reception


The “Wizzcom 3D-kit for Reception” is a starter kit for office buildings, hotels, company buildings and similar environments. The 42” large, high quality 3D-display delivers a strong pop-out-effect, which can be viewed even from longer distances. The display can therefore be placed behind the reception disk. In addition, it’s able to show both AS3D and 2D content.


Strengthen the brand identity and corporate brand pride!

AS3D-displays (“glasses-free” 3D) deliver great advantages for branding and advertising products and services in public environments. 3D creates audience attention and ensures higher impact in the advertising clutter. The human brain’s ability to perceive a message increases up to 200% when the message is presented in 3D.

Our analytics reports prove that 3D-displays generate significantly prolonged dwell-time and increased sales revenue. With 3D, you will increase brand engagement, improve vitality, attractiveness and “modern-ness”. 3D stands out in any environment!

Standard mounting, movable or even custom designed

Wall mounting is the standard choice for this kit. If you need to move the display time-to-time, you can order the optional floor-stand. We also offer custom designs of the hardware to match the environment and various mounting alternatives, for example, the system can be suspended from the ceiling.

What’s included?

The Wizzcom 3D-kit for reception includes all hardware and software needed.  You also get one content production (Basic) with your logotype visualized in AS3D. The kit can be upgraded and combined with optional equipment. For details, view the offer as pdf.


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