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WIZZCOM has very strong expertise in 3D digital signage and has developed a solution for it that is flexible, future proved and backward compatible. Our collaboration with partner companies and highly skilled consults makes it possible to provide a complete infrastructure with hardware, software and related services that supports both 2D and 3D.

Today the most experienced AS3D expert

WIZZCOM 3D is a true pioneer in 3D digital signage and is today the most experienced company in this industry. We love new technology and have devoted lots of time to research and development. During our journey, we have found, that AS3D brings many benefits to any business and market arena, since it has a significant impact on increasing the power of the messages. That makes AS3D a fabulous complement in DS and other business areas.

Making it possible

  • The sole Head Distributor for the leading manufacturer of AS3D displays in the Nordic and Baltic countries, UAE and the United States and rights to distribute in all other markets.
  • Developed a unique software player for AS3D: the WIZZCOM 3D Media Player.
  • Developed a CMS system that supports management of both 2D and 3D devices: the WIZZCOM 3D Manager.

The software’s mentioned above makes the implementation of AS3D into any signage network possible and the content flow more effective.

Example of areas
  • Shopping centers
  • Retails stores
  • Airports and hotels
  • Cinema lobbies
  • Animal and amusement parks
  • Sports arenas
  • Corporate building lobbies
  • Restaurants
  • Exhibition halls
  • Trade shows
  • Showrooms
  • Medical and Scientific imaging
  • Simulation
  • Design and prototyping (CAD)
  • Architecture and interior design


The schematic below represents the hardware in an average DS solution.
The system can get much more complex and simpler.
Note: The focus here is on the hardware; you find information about software implementation on the page Software.

Example of implementation

Integration with existing 2D network managed by a certified CMS

3D can be implemented into existing DS network managed by certified content management system. It is fully possible to keep the existing management system and infrastructure. Beside adding hardware that supports 3D, we will also integrate our 3D Media Player software that makes the streaming of heavy 3D content possible, but even the 2D streaming processes more effective.

Extending an existing 2D network with a stand-alone 3D channel

In special cases, an existing infrastructure should be extended with a separate 3D channel to maintain a very high security level. The WIZZCOM 3D Media Player can then manage the stand-alone channel and together with our 3D player and the needed hardware create a stable and risk free solution.

Setup of 3D digital signage network

If you would like to run 3D signage in multiply locations and you don’t already have a certified DS CMS, we can build up a new network with the WIZZCOM 3D Media Manager (that is cloud based). We also configure and implement the needed hardware and additional software to ensure functionality and quality.

Non-permanent installation

If you only need the installation during a certain amount of time (such as exhibitions, events), we will provide you a more mobile solution that covers the hardware and software needed to quick-start with sending your messages in 3D. It can be a system you purchase or one that you rent from us. The latter alternative will include services to handle both hardware and software for you.

Then again, every business is unique, as well as its requirements.
Let us learn about your goals and needs; together we will find the perfect solution just for you.

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