Concept Offer – 3D-tower with 24” AS3D display

Increase sales performance with 3D!

Wizzcom 3D-tower with 24 inch AS3D-display


The stylish Wizzcom 3D-tower makes it easy to get started with 3D in any place, for example boutiques, kiosks, dentist waiting room. The built-in-display will immediately capture your customer’s attention with a striking and immersive 3D-effect! The display can also show traditional 2D content, which makes it extra useful.


Capture your customer’s attention

AS3D-displays (“glasses-free” 3D) deliver great advantages for branding and advertising products and services in public environments. 3D creates audience attention and ensures higher impact in the advertising clutter. The human brain’s ability to perceive a message increases up to 200% when it’s presented in 3D.

Our analytics reports prove that 3D-displays generate significantly prolonged dwell-time and increased sales revenue.

3D-tower requires no permanent mounting and is easy to move around

The 3D-tower is a common solution to quick setup of digital signage, because it doesn’t require any permanent mounting. It’s easy to place, you only need a small floor space where it can stand and some free space in front of it for the viewer (only between 1-2 meters). The casing is not heavy at all, which makes it easy to move around if needed.

This solution is perfect to present your products and show them from different angles or even look inside of them. Tiny-tiny objects, for example jewelry, can be magnified to show fine details or why not visualize huge objects which otherwise are hard to demonstrate, simply because they may not fit in the store.

What’s included?

The 3D-tower kit includes hardware, softwares and a basic content production. For details, please view the offer as a pdf-file.


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3d-tower-thumb Wizzcom 3D-tower with 24″ display – download this Offer (pdf). 3D-kit with 42 inches display for receptions See our offer for Receptions with 42″ display


Concept Offer – 3D-kit for Reception

Welcome your visitors and employees with 3D!

Wizzcom 3D-kit with 42 inches AS3D display for Reception


The “Wizzcom 3D-kit for Reception” is a starter kit for office buildings, hotels, company buildings and similar environments. The 42” large, high quality 3D-display delivers a strong pop-out-effect, which can be viewed even from longer distances. The display can therefore be placed behind the reception disk. In addition, it’s able to show both AS3D and 2D content.


Strengthen the brand identity and corporate brand pride!

AS3D-displays (“glasses-free” 3D) deliver great advantages for branding and advertising products and services in public environments. 3D creates audience attention and ensures higher impact in the advertising clutter. The human brain’s ability to perceive a message increases up to 200% when the message is presented in 3D.

Our analytics reports prove that 3D-displays generate significantly prolonged dwell-time and increased sales revenue. With 3D, you will increase brand engagement, improve vitality, attractiveness and “modern-ness”. 3D stands out in any environment!

Standard mounting, movable or even custom designed

Wall mounting is the standard choice for this kit. If you need to move the display time-to-time, you can order the optional floor-stand. We also offer custom designs of the hardware to match the environment and various mounting alternatives, for example, the system can be suspended from the ceiling.

What’s included?

The Wizzcom 3D-kit for reception includes all hardware and software needed.  You also get one content production (Basic) with your logotype visualized in AS3D. The kit can be upgraded and combined with optional equipment. For details, view the offer as pdf.


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3D-kit with 42 inches display for receptions Wizzcom 3D-tower with 24″ display – Download this Offer (pdf). 3d-tower-thumb See our offer “3D-tower with 24” AS3D-display


Wizzcom was ECO partner at NEC Nordic Showcase

NEC Nordic Showcase 2016 illustration with displayWizzcom participated as ECO partner at NEC Nordic Showcase and Partner event in Gothenburg, together with SCALA, Smartsign, SMS, Chrome for Work, Matrox, Bose, Evoko, Chief, Combine, Kramer, Hiperwall, Sennheiser. An exciting and valuable event for those with interest in digital displays.

Visual experience, digital signage and more

The two days long event took place in Gothenburg at the Swedish Fair, between the 13th and 14th September and was attended by about 300 visitors – resellers, partners and customers to NEC. The partner conference on day two was a great success; with exciting presentations and discussions about visual experience, digital signage and more.

Wizzcom 3D displays based on NEC-technology

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event as a strategic partner, as it gave us valuable space to present our digital-signage solutions to other professionals with interest in digital displays. We showed our 3D displays based on NEC-technology (from their professional series), which ensures long-term and reliable to drift. The displays are modified for AS3D/Auto Stereoscopic 3D and in combination with our software’s they deliver superb quality – undeniably the strongest 3D-effect among various AS3D-displays. We proved this by showing some of our delicious content productions that we created for well-known brands of the world.

The largest AS3D displays on the market

Wizzcom also took the opportunity to inform about our newest products based on 4K displays from NEC with the dimensions 65” and 84”. They are today the largest AS3D displays on the market! The 84” AS3D-display can show an incredible “pop-out effect” of 10 meters (where the objects are perceived in front of the display) and a “depth-effect” of 6 meters (where the objects are perceived inside the screen, much like an aquarium).


NEC Showcase 2016 illustration


About NEC Showcase:

NEC is one of the world’s largest suppliers of professional displays in larger formats and projectors. The NEC Solutions Showcase is a platform for integration.

Read more about NEC

Visit the NEC Google+ page

Extinct sea creatures in 3D at The Deep aquarium

Extinct sea creatures in AS3D for The Deep

See extinct sea creatures in auto stereoscopic 3D

If you visit The Deep aquarium in England, you will be able to see and learn about extinct deep sea creatures in 3D.

Auto Stereoscopic 3D offers entertaining knowledge

Wizzcom 3D has been given the assignment to produce three short films in auto stereoscopic 3D. Each film presents a sea creature: the Archelon, the Pliosaurus and the Dunkleosteus. The films aim to visualize the extent animals in their natural environment and aims to impart knowledge in a pleasant and entertaining way.


 Watch the films in 2D in our Online Showroom!
You can see the original films in auto stereoscopic 3D at The Deep aquarium in United Kingdom. You are also very welcome to visit any of our showrooms in Stockholm, New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, Saudi Arabien, Australien.


About The Deep

The Deep is a spectacular aquarium located in Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom. This award-winning attraction is home to 3500 fishes including magnificent sharks and rays. The Deep is operated as a charity dedicated to increasing the enjoyment of the world’s oceans.

Official website:


Archelon - AS3D production by Wizzcom 3D for The Deep (UK)


Archelon is the largest genus of sea turtles ever. A fossil found in the Pierre Shale of South Dakota in the 1970s, measures more than 4 metres (13 ft) long, and about 4.9 metres (16 ft) wide from flipper to flipper. The weight of it is estimated at more than 2200 kg (4,850 lb). Instead of a solid shell, the Archelon had a relatively narrow, high-vaulted skeletal framework supporting a leathery or bony carapace. It also had a pointed tail, a narrow skull, and a pronounced overbite.

Archelon lived during the Cretaceous period (from 145 ± 4 to 66 million years ago). It’s the last period of the Mesozoic Era spanning 79 million years of the Phanerozoic Eon. The Cretaceous was a period with a relatively warm climate, resulting in high eustatic sea levels and creating numerous shallow inland seas. These oceans and seas were populated with now-extinct marine reptiles, ammonites and rudists, while dinosaurs continued to dominate on land.

 Source 1:

 Source 2:


Pliosaurus - AS3D production by Wizzcom 3D for The Deep (UK)


Pliosaurus was a genus of large carnivorous marine reptiles, that lived during the Late Jurassic Period.

This beast was probably at the top of the food chain wherever it went due to its huge size of 10 to 13 metres and huge, powerful jaws with its rosette of large teeth at the tip of its snout. The Svalbard Pliosaur was one of the largest pliosaurs ever found. Like all pliosaurs, it was a carnivorous marine reptile that fed on fish and other plesiosaurs. Pliosaurus would have swum at quite a slow pace but it would have been a very powerful swimmer similar to whales of today. It may or may not have been countershaded like the great white shark today. This means that it wold have been dark on top to blend in with the oceans dark depths and light on the underside to blend in with the bright sunlit surface. This would have enabled it to sneak up on its unsuspecting prey then take a great bite of it. Pliosaurus would have had a very big bite force because of its relatively short neck, massive head, big snout and great weight. This bite force would have enabled it to go for armoured prey like ammonites.

Source: Dinopedia Wiki


Dunkleosteus (The Deep) - AS3D


Dunkleosteus was a large Placoderm (arthrodire fish) that lived in the late Devonian period, about 380–360 million years ago. It grew to 10 metres (33 feet), and was the top predator of its time and one of the top predators of the Paleozoic era.

Dunkelosteus was probably the largest member of the placoderms, and the largest animal up to that time, which would stay that way until the evolution of the dinosaurs. It had one of the most powerful bite of any fish, well ahead of all modern-day sharks, including the Great White shark. It could concentrate a force of up to 8,000 pounds (3,628 kg) per square inch at the tip of its mouth, effectively placing Dunkleosteus in the league of Tyrannosaurus rex and modern crocodiles as having the most powerful known bite.


In recent decades, Dunkleosteus has achieved recognition in popular culture, with a large number of specimens on display, and notable appearances in entertainment media like Sea Monsters – A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy and River Monsters. Numerous fossils of some species have been found in North America, Poland, Belgium, and Morocco. The name Dunkleosteus combines the Greek osteus, meaning “bone”, and Dunkle, in honor of David Dunkle of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.



Watch the films in 2D in our Online Showroom!

Fulltecknad nyemission i Wizzcom 3D, 2016 september

Den nyligen avslutade företrädesemissionen i Wizzcom 3D Productions AB har blivit fulltecknad. Det visar att aktieägarna har förtroende för bolaget och de förstår de fantastiska möjligheter som marknaden erbjuder bolaget.


Fantastiskt gensvar ger en extra kick

Den 11 augusti 2016 beslutade styrelsen i Wizzcom 3D Productions AB, med stöd av bemyndigande från årsstämma den 10 mars 2016, att genomföra en nyemission med företrädesrätt för befintliga aktieägare. Teckningstiden gick ut den 5 september 2016 och bolagets styrelse och ledning kan glädjande notera att emissionen har blivit övertecknad.

”Ett fantastiskt gensvar från våra aktieägare! Det är oerhört stimulerande att de tror på bolaget och det ger oss en extra kick inför de säljfrämjande åtgärder som har planerats inför hösten.” – säger Björn Back, som tillträdde i VD posten i början av augusti.

”Vi strävar också efter att fördjupa förtroendet och etablera en dynamisk relation mellan våra aktieägare och verksamheten. Vi har påbörjat att bygga upp en kommunikations­plattform med bl.a. dedikerad e-post låda och regelbunden information om händelserna inom bolaget via mailutskick.”

”Jag vill tacka alla som har tecknat och därmed bidragit till att vi på Wizzcom ska kunna nå sina affärsmål!” – avlutar Björn Back.


Resultat av fulltecknad emission:

Den fulltecknade emissionen ökar aktiekapitalet med 489 595,90 kronor till 1 958 83,70 kronor och antalet aktier ökar med 4 895 959 aktier till 19 583 837 aktier.

Totalt inbringar emissionen 2 447 979,50 kronor till Bolaget före emissionskostnader.

I dagarna kommer avräkningsnotor att skickas ut till de aktieägare som tecknat över sin relativa andel (dvs. utan företräde) och efter detta skall ärendet skickas in till Bolagsverket.

Bolaget räknar med att samtliga nya aktier skall kunna levereras under september 2016.



Frågor om Wizzcom 3D besvaras av:
Björn Back (VD Wizzcom 3D), 070 835 41 85

Administrativa frågor rörande emissionen eller registreringen kan ställas till:
Jan Nilstadius (Northern Wind Ventures, Styrelseledamot Wizzcom 3D), 070 300 50 20

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